Apex Valves

April 26, 2016

Apex Valves (AV) is a New Zealand company specialising in the design and manufacture of Control Valves for low and high pressure hot water and filtration systems.

In addition, Apex Valves (AV) produces an extensive range of Float and Reservoir Valves for the agricultural industry.

The Apex culture is anchored on innovation and quality in our product design and manufacture. We aspire to add excellence in our customer focus, to build our three-pronged platform for sustainable, profitable growth.

But we also take a long-term view. We’re not driven by short-term market issues or expediency. We look ahead and we are prepared to invest in our business now, to make sure we’re well positioned for the future.

Although we’re action-oriented, we are also professional. Our reputation is very important to us and we aim to be fair and honest in all we do – with customers, our people, suppliers and the public.